History and Goals

The Graduate Institute of Hakka Political Economy (GIHPE) was established in the College of Hakka Studies, on August 1, 2004.The important research subject in association with contemporary social science research is the interaction between politics and economical resources, this interaction is shown in such areas as different facets of ideologies, institutions and pubic policies, it would also exerts profound effect on the pubic sector, private sector and the third sector.

The aim of the establishment of the Graduate Institute of Hakka Political Economy (GIHPE) of National Central University is to use the research results derived from the contemporary social science in order to conduct the political and economical interaction research between the government, enterprise and non-profit organizations of different Hakka ethnic groups, areas and communities in Taiwan, and use these results as bases, we would be able to expand the political and economical implication between Taiwan and the overseas Hakka people.

The objective of teaching and research is to keep the subjectivity of the Taiwan Hakka people regarding to political and economical research under the tide of globalization; to expand the research topics and to accumulate the research results in order to make practical suggestions to the government, enterprise and non-profit organizations.