Feature of Curriculum

  Both language and literature are our focus. For language study, Hakka language is the core of our study, and gradually, we will include the studies of other Taiwanese dialects, other Chinese dialects and languages. Our institute encourages students to actively participate in Hakka language studies and conferences. We hope we could become the key place for Hakka language studies, and could cultivate qualified research workers. We will unite with worldwide Hakka study centers, and play decisive role in Hakka study. For literature study, we will aim at Hakka folk literature, and then traditional children’s books, traditional poetry, traditional records, etc. Presently, there is no institute of Hakka literature study domestically or overseas. We hope we could set up the direction for Hakka literature study, gather up the related materials, and become an independent Hakka study center. According to 2004 Graduate Student Course Selection Implementation Details, graduate students of our institute should complete the required 27 credits, including 4 credits of compulsory courses, 9 credits of compulsory elective courses (choose one for each pronunciation, vocabulary and written language courses), 14 credits of elective courses (9 credits could be taken from extra-institutes). The compulsory courses are: Chinese Language Studies, Hakka Phonetics and Analysis. The compulsory elective courses are: Seminar on Hakka Literature, Seminar on Hakka Folk Literature, Hakka Phonetics Studies, Seminar on Hakka History, Hakka Syntax Studies, Topics in Hakka Written Language, Seminar on Hakka Records, Chinese Phonologic History, Seminar on Speaking Language, etc. The elective courses are: Topics in Language Field Studies, Introduction to Taiwanese Southern Islands Language, Seminar on Taiwanese Literature, Seminar on Folk Literature, Chinese Children’s Books Studies, Traditional Records Studies, Topics in Hakka Vocabulary’s Characteristics, Hakka and Miao-Yao Languages Comparative Studies, Hakka and Taiwanese Comparative Analysis, etc.

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